You're ready to get more foods on your plate allow you to feel your best every day...

  • Full week menu of easy-to-follow crockpot recipes the whole family will love
  • Beautiful pictures of each recipe
  • Complete shopping list so you can head straight to the store
  • Nutrition info for each meal 
  • Daily snacks to improve energy levels and reduce sugar cravings
  • A "notes" section with must-have tips and tricks for each meal

"The 6 power habits have changed my life. My attitude towards food has totally shifted because I feel oh so so so so so much better! I have way more energy. I'm not dragging. My body feels balanced. My clothes fit better. I'm not in survival mode. The thing I love about SFA is it's truly a sustainable lifestyle. I don't feel deprived or like I'm missing out!  


"Summit fit and the principles Rachel has taught have literally turned my life in a new direction. Before this I had severe fatigue and my post-partum depression was out of control. NOW I have had another baby and this time is so different. Despite new born sleep (or lack thereof) I have energy for days."